Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Glasses

Yesterday at Target I bought these and these. I already love them. Some people believe buying these is like buying boxed wines. They want to use the traditional wine stem glasses and say these glasses are unacceptable. Some say that putting white wine in the stemless glass means you'll warm the glass with your hand. You don't have to cup the glass in your hand; you hold the glass mid way and above the level of wine.

I like these glasses because they are nice and steady so I won't be knocking them over and breaking them. And I can carefully stack them in the cupboard. And they are beautiful too.

And, oh yeah, they are on sale at Target.

UPDATED: In researching a comment on the type of glasses, I also found this:
Stemmed wine glasses are mostly a French invention. The US and some parts of Europe use stemmed glasses, but many European countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece drink wine from solid bottom glasses resembling what we in the US call juice glasses.
The stemmed glasses don't really mean anything unless you are a truly dedicated wine lover. Most people cannot tell what a wine is like any better from a stemmed glass or a solid bottom glass. source: What are the different types of wine glasses?


Jenny said...

I like those types of glasses, too. One question, though: what, other than the color of the wine, is the difference between those two glasses? They look identical.

Susan said...

The red glass has a wider base, supposedly to give more exposure to air. The thinner white glass is supposed to keep the chill in.

Erika said...

Hi Susan, thanks for linking to our site! I wanted to make one correction to your comment which is that white wine glasses typically have a narrow bowl to concentrate the aromatics, not really to preserve temperature. Though maybe that's another added benefit?

Susan said...

Thanks. I'll track down where I read that. But, of course, who knows if the internets are right. :)

Susan said...

This is not where I originally read this but, according to this site , "White wine glasses are smaller to help keep the wine cool. For a young crisp white wine, you'll need a glass with an opening that's slightly larger than the body of the glass itself. This will allow the wine to dispense at the tip and sides of the tongue to better enjoy the wine's sweetness. You'll also want a glass for more mature white wines. This is a taller, straighter glass and will allow the wine to dispense to the rear and sides of the tongue to better taste the bolder flavor."

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

This post is perfect timing as I just broke yet another wine glass yesterday and need to replace some. I've seen these at Target and have been wanting to give them a try. Thanks for the tip!